Monday, November 29, 2010

Through A Third Floor Apartment Window

Spring sings through the microphone of melancholy skies
as I take a sip of a delicate breeze
through bohemian eyes.
I am a wanderer with a mind
rapidly in bloom as I look down
at smiles existing as journalists in discovery
of the beauty of being.

Through a third floor apartment window
I am looking down upon faces
of many centuries applauding the rebirth
within the beauty of time
and new discoveries. They walk on sanded curbs
of adventure without balance but they are sturdy
in their quest to exist

and through a third floor apartment window
I am looking down upon reflected shadows
of the afternoon sun blazing in laughter
and tap dancing on glistening sidewalks
crystallized by nature’s dimples.

This is why we question;
This is why we believe;
This is what we write for.

As a blue jay
lands on the fractured limb of a tree
parallel to the distance of my view,
I quickly land in the captivation of something new;
something to honor
and while I sit here gazing through a third floor
apartment window half way taken by the sky
and half way a part of everything down there,

I become the air breathed by life.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

Friday, November 26, 2010

There Comes A Time

A half glass of warm beer sits just to the left
of a pile of scattered newspaper crumpled just enough
to see a half page of an Obituary; someone has ran out of time
today/no chance to open their eyes again to breathe
into another day/no chance to speak into silence
and to pause another moment.
I lay on a couch wasting my own hours
pretending not to be afraid to let this all leave me/
all of this/that makes my presence matter --

it is during these times that I hesitate
to take the small things in life for granted. My thoughts
are thirsty for a sip of recognition. The phone is not ringing/
haven’t rang all day--
the faucets are not dripping, the clock isn’t ticking/the battery
has died and I haven’t dusted
the framed memories hanging on my walls in days.

I wonder who is thinking about me;
I wonder who speaks my name
and who reminders a chance we spent together;
I wonder who inhales the scent from the aroma
of my mind and I wonder who hears the vibrations
echoing from the stairways of my heart
because there comes a time where we must
embrace every fabric of our human existence
and rejoice in the interaction of each other
because what is here today can be gone tomorrow

I’ve learned quickly nothing in this world
is meant to last forever except the footprints
we plant in each soul we touch through existence.
I lay on a couch surrounded by comfort
as I enjoy all that is around me
because there comes a time where we must
appreciate and value the small things; the flaws,
the absences and the daily mess of creation
that makes us relevant and remembered.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan
(Tears Of A Poet)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nobody Is Going To Love Me

I want to love again
I want to love again and celebrate the victory
of two hearts cemented in a stone
of everlasting commitment.

I want to feel the voice of a lover singing to my heart.
I want to hear the touch of passionate surrender
embrace me and never part.
I want to kiss the open air of a collaborative breath
exhaled from the romance
of two souls waltzing together as one
in a dreamer’s dance.

I want to capture that moment again; that moment
that awakened my loneliness
and released a new energy of music from my core
that I have never heard before.

I want to love again
but before I can love I must realize
that nobody is going to love me
until I find a way to love myself again.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There Again

The gorgeous/golden/glisten of silence
awakens as a familiar sunrise parachutes
through the open skies of a new horizon.

A calm/comforting wind shifts
              the hazelnut sands( just barely)
as my mind once again sunbaths
under the currents of ultraviolet rays
that reach through mirrored clouds

reflecting the deep blue
of the ocean’s hue.  I am there again
inside the peaceful serenity of time
basking under a filtered air of steady warmth.

The aroma of the sea deep massages
the shore with strong waves
of its hands as seagulls dance
on finely sculpted pieces of earth,

and I am there again
as a voyeur to the victory of escape
watching seashells whistle their unique beauty
and drunken seals wobble with grace
nodding their silk heads with a laughter
of happiness.

 I take it all in as I am there again
with my smile as an ornament
on this picture perfect landscape
of relaxation; a place I go

                    every time I close my eyes.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Night While Dreaming

I must’ve dozed off into the ease of a new sunlight
as my body became a surfer caressing
the high rolling waves of the impossible,

roaring as the deep surrender
of the ocean air I became

the fearless warrior conquering
relentless gladiators through the armor of spirit
and a toughness that shattered barricades
into mercy;

last night while dreaming,

I became the breakthrough on the collision
course with the wrecking ball of fear;


threatening to break the glass shield
of determination glaring over the sea of strength.

Last night while dreaming,

I became the energy emerging
from lightning bolts exploding against
the steel bars of internal passion.

Last night while dreaming,

I became the greatest inspiration standing
as a champion, hand raised, in the middle
of a ring surrounded by the flames of hardship,

and last night while dreaming

I became the endorsement of victory embracing
every challenge as possible.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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