Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Complication Of Innocent Eyes

Every time I look at you

             the lips of your eyes
kiss every mystery of my imagination as I wonder
where you have been
and where you have yet to escape.

Two spirals interlocking with time,
                   your stare is a galaxy
of emotions hidden inside the biology
of identity; two microscopes of golden brown
magnifying your surroundings
into a new science of understanding.

So I study you to find the hypothesis
               of truths unrevealed and the origins
of the future unknown as your eyes,
those spectacles of innocence,
digest all the complications of this world.

You are my assignment and I am your student
                           as you watch the sight of me
reflecting a knowledge only we share.

We are the dissected whole
                  of the vision of our soul.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Street With No Exit

Heartbreak has had me afraid to travel
down side streets where the possibilities of love
were parked close to the curbs of my heart

I was afraid of another flat tire
leaving me stranded on the roads of loneliness
with no one ever stopping to give me that lift
I needed to refuel the engine of my passion

             But one day I took a turn

on a street with no exit


There was no end of a road
but a beginning to a natural

                            feeling of connection

that served as the spark plugs reigniting
my broken down emotions with the renewed
energy of romantic discovery.

© 2009
Tarringo T. Vaughan

Saturday, February 12, 2011

West 42nd Street

Her heart was a tourist searching exploring a new destination for that something once familiar.
She was lost in a silent crowd with the identity
of heartbreak splattered on a billboard of loneliness
                     right there
in the center of Time Square.

The flaunt of her walk was a hidden advertisement
for anonymity because she was there before
almost two years ago at a quarter past four
shadowed with tears as he told her goodbye; the one
                       who kissed her eyes
with the beauty connection was the same one
who left her standing reaching out
for his abandoned affection. She was studied that day
                                speechless, hurt
and standing on the sidewalks of abandonment
                           with nothing to say.

And now she was there again searching for the pieces
                of herself she left behind.
The failure of love was not kind
leaving the memories and moments
stuck on rewind. She stood by a newspaper stand
with the headlines of the many reminders
                      caught in her mind.

She was an editorial of broken feelings
misread for being weak. She needed
to be there once more to re-discover the worth;
                 the meaning of her renewed birth
and to escape her own language of anger
as she was searching; searching for healing
                      and searching for an answer.

And what she found standing right there
were the reflections of her own shadows
giving way to the clarity of a woman
who learned what she was searching for was the love
she rediscovered there on West 42nd Street/
                                            the love for herself.

Tarringo T. Vaughan

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something Said The Wind

The day was a golden smile as my mind sunbathed

underneath the gaze of the tender skies
as shades of blue eavesdropped through the clouds
of blanketed eyes. I sat in moistened sand
looking out into the distance/a distance
cluttered by the fascination of time. There was nothing
but me and nature gathered on this textured land;
a land of escape and a place that pleasured my thoughts
and tickled the sensitivity of my admiration.
I was alone as the air dimmed into an azure fragrance
of dusk decorating my vision with a dark orangey
kind of blue as the ocean waves massaged my footprints
into the perfect sequence of relaxation.
My journey was a stillness steadily drifting
with a slight breeze that whistled nature’s music;
a soft sound of enrichment that made my heart dance
and remember the dreams of my soul.
It was always my goal just to be; just to exist
in moments of serenity allowing myself to listen
to what life was whispering through the air
and that day became a portrait of clarity
as the wind blew into my pain the many measures
of healing—a same wind that answered my reluctance
of all that was revealing. Something said the wind
that day; something told me to survive.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sometimes The Rain

There are times I walk through pouring rain
with no umbrella to shield me from all that grieves the pain.
The world watches me as I tremble through muddied
cemented fields where sadness remains and scurry past landmarks
studied through a mind of loneliness as I remember
tears I never allowed to sweat as my hearts perspiration
                                     and this is my quiet inspiration.

There are moments I stand still drenched in reality
looking up at a sky that stares back at me without blinking
as time drizzles into the distance of the recurring memories
I have sheltered deep within as my strength towards progression;
a progression that has led me to a temporary regression
as I filter through anger to find that dry place I feel I belong
and this is my search to be strong

                 because sometimes the rain
washes away the emotional stains
of all the heart gains; sometimes the rain
is the healing dark clouds release
in order for me to shine again; sometimes the rain
reveals all that has emptied/
all that has escaped down an never ending drain

         and sometimes the rain
is just all that remains.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan

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