Saturday, February 12, 2011

West 42nd Street

Her heart was a tourist searching exploring a new destination for that something once familiar.
She was lost in a silent crowd with the identity
of heartbreak splattered on a billboard of loneliness
                     right there
in the center of Time Square.

The flaunt of her walk was a hidden advertisement
for anonymity because she was there before
almost two years ago at a quarter past four
shadowed with tears as he told her goodbye; the one
                       who kissed her eyes
with the beauty connection was the same one
who left her standing reaching out
for his abandoned affection. She was studied that day
                                speechless, hurt
and standing on the sidewalks of abandonment
                           with nothing to say.

And now she was there again searching for the pieces
                of herself she left behind.
The failure of love was not kind
leaving the memories and moments
stuck on rewind. She stood by a newspaper stand
with the headlines of the many reminders
                      caught in her mind.

She was an editorial of broken feelings
misread for being weak. She needed
to be there once more to re-discover the worth;
                 the meaning of her renewed birth
and to escape her own language of anger
as she was searching; searching for healing
                      and searching for an answer.

And what she found standing right there
were the reflections of her own shadows
giving way to the clarity of a woman
who learned what she was searching for was the love
she rediscovered there on West 42nd Street/
                                            the love for herself.

Tarringo T. Vaughan

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  1. ..She was an editorial of broken feelings
    misread for being weak... love this line


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