Monday, November 29, 2010

Through A Third Floor Apartment Window

Spring sings through the microphone of melancholy skies
as I take a sip of a delicate breeze
through bohemian eyes.
I am a wanderer with a mind
rapidly in bloom as I look down
at smiles existing as journalists in discovery
of the beauty of being.

Through a third floor apartment window
I am looking down upon faces
of many centuries applauding the rebirth
within the beauty of time
and new discoveries. They walk on sanded curbs
of adventure without balance but they are sturdy
in their quest to exist

and through a third floor apartment window
I am looking down upon reflected shadows
of the afternoon sun blazing in laughter
and tap dancing on glistening sidewalks
crystallized by nature’s dimples.

This is why we question;
This is why we believe;
This is what we write for.

As a blue jay
lands on the fractured limb of a tree
parallel to the distance of my view,
I quickly land in the captivation of something new;
something to honor
and while I sit here gazing through a third floor
apartment window half way taken by the sky
and half way a part of everything down there,

I become the air breathed by life.

© 2010
Tarringo T. Vaughan


  1. What I love about this is that I can actually feel what you are writing about. It's a small feeling not too many can put into words, much less as they are describing the setting it is taking place in.. Both came to life here.

    Bravo, sir.


  2. This is really touching. I've missed your words, I need to stop by more often.

  3. Thank you so much Miss Jackson...@Susie..thank you! Yes would love to see u more:)


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