Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Is this where I’m supposed to rip the picture
of our love in half and burn the memory of your smile
in the fire pit of my anger?
Is this the part in the movie script where I’m supposed
to break down and wilt into pathetic
ball of crumbled self-hate because you are no longer
the nest of warmth next to me to wake me with a stare?

Who the fuck made up the rules for a broken heart anyway?

Because tears do not drip drop into puddles of emptiness
without you by my side because you instilled the courage
to love and to bare a soul I kept hidden all my life.
You welded my heart into a concrete storage place
for dedication, passion and caring that can never again
be penetrated by the crafty hammer of loneliness.
You showed me a companionship that will last beyond
the fortitudes of partnership.

You are indeed some kind of wonderful
for recognizing the world out there through eyes
visualized to heal. And you healed me
without leaving a scar; without leaving me with an ache
that returns with every memorized vision of hurt
and you continue to be that sweet morning sunshine
that provides the vitamin D I need to rise and shine
as fearless and provide an energy to reveal to life
the brighter side of believing.

It is my pride and human nature that is defining you
as some kind of wonderful.

© 2009
Tarringo T Vaughan

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