Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Dedication: A Poem For Stella

When I think of her, skin a golden bronze
like the ancient shine of an African treasure, I see
the perfect illustration of a woman; a chiseled face
of courageousness with a strength in her heart
no one else could measure.

She was a portrait of hope; gray hair like sparkling silver
glowing in the early August sunlight’s glare
still reminds me of a woman with so much flare. Her eyes
always told the story of a woman fueled with passion
as every tear she ever shed filtered through many
years of compassion as she taught everyone around her
how to heal through failure and how to dream
through darkness.

She was the foundation of our creation; hands like a fine
structure of a rough gentleness gave birth to each of our
souls. Every time she held each child there was a pleasure
in her heart beat which still reminisces as the perfect
lullaby that keeps us brave and standing tall
on our own two feet.

She was the victory of human condition; a soul fine
like the fragrance of an aged wine who
demonstrated balance despite the many hardships
of struggle and lived each day as a challenge
to continue singing lyrics written through her heart
and translated through the memories of each of us
who she had left behind.

She was the bond that held a family; she was the beauty
of forgiveness and growth and she was the genetics
of generosity and prosperity –

she was everything defined through the spirit
of greatness. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, sister
and hero. She is the fabric
of inspiration; an angel named Stella.

© 2012
Tarringo T. Vaughan


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